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Getting Started With Twitter Lists


Twitter Lists is fairly new, and pretty useful too. A Twitter List helps you organize the people you’re following on Twitter. If you’re an organization junkie, then you’ll definitely have fun making your own Twitter lists. You can make a Twitter list for whatever reason, whether it is organizing your good friends, industry leaders, or favorite celebrities, you can make a Twitter list to group your Twitter peeps.

To create a list, log into your Twitter account, and on the right sidebar you should see an area called Lists with a link to create a New List. You can even set the list to be Public and have anyone subscribe to it, or Private, and only be able to access the list.

I personally find it helpful when it comes to finding industry leaders, as it is beneficial to follow the leaders in social media or the leaders in SEO. A way to see if you are part of a list is to log into your Twitter account and right next to your Following list, you can see if you are part of any lists.

A great site to find Twitter lists categorized by different tags such as bloggers, celebrities, food, health, politics and technology is You can submit your lists for everyone to see and follow as well.