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Giving Social Media Personality!

October 1, 2010

Have you noticed that the M&M’s Facebook has a personality? This week, the Company had a problem with their coupon offer for the M&M with pretzels (which are on my desk at all times). Well, the company had fun with it, “Orange” came to Facebook claiming “Yellow” was snooping in the server room. As you can see, within one minute that had 30 “likes” and even one comment.
Once the page was fixed, “Orange” came back and made the announcement. It generated over 2,400 “likes and well over 500 comments.They do a great job letting their candies run their social media giving it personality. It makes their customers feel connected. The company has 1,397,000 people who “like” their page. Being one of them, I laugh every time one of the colors comments about what they are up to.What are you doing to give your brand personality in social media? Who is the face behind the logo? How else are you connecting directly with your customer/ potential customer?