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Good News For Honest Email Marketing

April 14, 2011

Google has caused quite a disturbance with their new algorithm modifications. Sites that were once at the top of the lists have been lowered to almost non-existence. Obviously the idea was to clear out the clutter being slammed into the search engines and mail boxes by less than original, fraudulent and non-relevant information providers.

The way it appears to work is they are having individuals manually sift through content looking for spam issues. Once they have identified certain situations they pass that along to the engineers so that they can modify the algorithm to instantly identify other examples. When they do identify these issues they are not being kind. To top that other individual companies appear to be following suite and implementing similar standards. Which means this is a growing trend that will give content providers more reason to be honest, fresh, and relevant.

This means for anyone providing content on a regular basis, like email marketing specialists, they better make their content useful to their targets, or else. Email spammers have been working hard since the beginning, and this action by Google seems to be a direct reaction to their dishonesty. Statistics show that email marketing is going to grow almost 50% in 2011. So if you are a relevant email marketer the future seems very bright and the big boys are on your side.