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Google “Don’t Be Evil”

July 10, 2007

As everyone has probably heard or read before, Google’s unofficial Corporate Motto is “Don’t Be Evil.” Over the last few years Google has been accused of many things including Censorship, Copyright Infringement, Invasion of Privacy, and many others.
Well now you can add Breaking & Entry and Grand Theft to the list. Over the weekend in Colorado Springs, two individuals broke into an indoor Amusement Park and tried to break into the safes on the premises. Unfortunately these two individuals after about 45 minutes could not open the safe, so the brains of the operation did what any of us would do in a situation when they did not know how to solve their problem, they went online to Google and did a search for “how to crack a safe” or a similar search and within a couple minutes left the premises with over $12,000 in cash, a laptop and a Sony Playstation.
Now a simple search like these individuals did brought up many results such as this site and this one in just a few seconds. But why wouldn’t someone conduct this search or this one. I jokingly stated that Google is Guilty, but aren’t they technically an accessory or at least aiding and abetting and shouldn’t their Corporate Motto lead them to police their search results a little better?