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Google Drive: Bringing the Cloud to the People

April 25, 2012
That’s right – Google Drive has officially launched! In case you’re not sure what this new Google feature is all about, here’s the scoop: Google is making it easy for people to be part of the cloud. For free, Google users now get 5 GB of free space on which to store their files. Plus, Google Docs is now totally integrated with Google Drive, meaning that in addition to normal Google Docs functionality, your documents will also be safely stored online in a place that can be accessed from anywhere. Plus, Google Drive allows scanned .pdfs and books to have searchable text. Google drive has twice the free space of Dropbox, and although Microsoft’s SkyDrive has the most space, it’s still filled with lots of extra features that will probably make it the most usable free cloud. It’s just another great business tool that Google is coming out with, especially for companies that don’t have the extra cash to fork out for paid cloud services.

To learn more about Google Drive, visit its new page.

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