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Google Free Internet Service

April 2, 2007

Over the last couple years, Google has mentioned numerous times that it wanted to offer free Wi-Fi access to everyone beginnning with its target launch in San Francisco. Well quietly on Sunday April 1st, 2007, Google announced that it was offering anyone in the US and Canada Free Internet Service through Google TiSP. It seems simple enough, Google TiSP “is a fully functional, end-to-end system that provides in-home wireless access by connecting your commode-based TiSP wireless router to one of thousands of TiSP Access Nodes via fiber-optic cable strung through your local municipal sewage lines.” The directions after getting your free kit, are basically flush your fiber optic cable down the toilet, plug the other end of the cable into the provided wireless router wait an hour and then you should have wireless throughout your house.
Google in its FAQ section, does state that they will be gathering DNA sequencing of your personal bodily output to display online ads that are contextually relevant to your culinary preferences, current health status and likelihood of developing particular medical conditions going forward.
I think it is a great opportunity and have already signed up. Once I get the installation kit, and get surfing, I look forward to the integration with Google Checkout which should make package delivery much more convenient.
If you would like to read more about Google TiSP, the Press Release can be found here.