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Google Page Rank and the looming Death of Link Farms

June 20, 2007

In the SEO (search engine optimization) world of today, many companies with new websites are aggressively building links to improve their all-mighty Google Page Rank.

In the beginning all links where created equal, that is a link from another site to your site gave your site more importance in Google’s algorithm. Over time Google has changed their ranking algorithm , and most noticeably in March 2007, high quality, relevant links now carry more weight than links from sites that are not highly ranked and links from sites that are not similar in content.

Link Farms” companies who offer links to your site from a number of low page rank sites are not going to deliver the return that they used to, or the return that many of them advertise. As web managers recognize this shift, the death of the link farm can not be far away.

This is not to say the idea of building links and working to increase your rank isn’t worth the effort, but the issue is one of quality and relevancy. Is your site garnering links from quality websites with high page ranks and content relevant to your web content? If not, you need to have a close look at your link building strategy.