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Google Places: 5 Reasons To Claim Your Listing

March 12, 2011

Google Places is a great way for your local business to harness the power of the web. Your free web listing includes a business address, hours of operation, email, web address, photos, videos and even customer reviews.

1) It’s Good SEO
Your Google Places listing is just one piece of your SEO puzzle considering that these listings usually appear at the top of local search queries such as “best italian food”. Having your local business appear at the top of the results for your location and category is a good thing. Your Google Places listing also gets you a red push pin on Google Maps allowing users to click on the push pin to see more information about your business.

2) One Word: Mobile
According to the Official Google blog, by the end of 2011, over one billion people will be connected to the web via a mobile device and over 50% of Americans will own a smart phone. Users who find your listing can click to call instantly or get turn by turn directions via Google Maps.
3) Social Rules
Your listing will usually have a star rating and a link to customer reviews. What better way to encourage someone to visit your business? Everyone is talking about it and the news is good!
4) Video
Video is playing a very important role in online marketing these days. Google Places will allow you to post up to 5 videos (and 10 photos) for free. Testimonials, reviews, tours of the business and interviews with your staff are all great ways to invite new customers to check you out.
5) Analytics
In addition to Google Analytics, your page account collects important data about who’s looking for you such as top search queries and clicks to your site. It’s not as robust as Google Analytics but useful nonetheless.
Have you claimed your Google Places listing? Get to it!