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Haiti Earthquake Relief – Watch Out for Internet Scammers

January 15, 2010

It’s official… Not that we didn’t already know this, but Internet scammers will do anything to make a fast buck – even piggyback on one of the most devastating natural disaster to hit the Caribbean. Yes, the recent earthquake in Haiti has brought out an new crop of Internet scammers, according to the FBI.

So, if you want to donate online, how can you be sure your money will actually go to help the residents of Haiti? Google’s Official Haiti Earthquake Relief page lists a variety of reputable organizations that accept cash and in-kind donations.

According to a variety of reports, the earthquake completely destroyed eight hospitals in Port Au Prince, making it nearly impossible to them to treat those injured during the disaster. In the addition, the port was severely damaged, making it difficult for the coast guard, military and other help and support to land.

This video taken yesterday taken by Jose A. Iglesias of the El Nuevo Heraldin documents the death and destruction in Haiti. When I posted it to Facebook this morning, several of my Ohio friends commented, saying that the news has been sparse due to the difficulty news crews face getting to the island, and they had no idea the conditions in Haiti were so horrific. So, I wantedt o share it… However, I do need to warn you: This video is very graphic… but shows just how much they need your help right now in Haiti.

Don’t forget to donate…