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Happy Birthday, Facebook

February 5, 2010

Today is Facebook’s 6th birthday, and to celebrate, the social networking site has overhauled it’s homepage. According to the post at Mashable, more than 80 million users will have the update live by tonight.

Of course, mine’s not updated yet, or I’d share a screenshot with you. If you’re interested, Mashable and Matthew Sander’s Preposterous have some pictures. Here’s some of the features Mashable says you can expect when your page is updated:

1) Notifications will be located on thetop left
2) Your pic and status will be on the homepage
3) The ability to see your inbox from the homepage

Also, expect the design to place a much larger emphasis on real-time search – Facebook’s attempt to compete with Twitter’s latest updates.

I’ll be interested to see how Facebook users react to the changes over the week. Occasionally, I still see people joining the “Bring the old Facebook Back” groups.” However, on my end, I’ve enjoyed MOST of the Facebook’s improvements – except for those regarded to my privacy.

Although to some extent, I do feel like perhaps I have a little more control, the privacy changes were likely a strategy to tempt users to share more content for the upcoming real-time searches. With that mind, it leaves me feeling a little uneasy… Of course, if you follow the nothing you post on the Internet is private rule like I do, you shouldn’t have any problems 🙂

Happy Birthday, Facebook!