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How to get free SEO traffic to your website (part 2)


Hi everyone! Today I’m going to explain some more factors to get free SEO traffic on your website. – Matt the Intern
1. Build links to your website
You can help optimize your website by adding links on other websites that link directly back to your website. There must be a valid relationship between the two sites for this to have a positive effect.
How do I build links to my website? First option is to get listed in web directories:
DMOZ Open Directory Project
Yahoo! Submit Your Site
Doing this will boost your credibility in Search Engines. This will help your company rank higher.
2. Create website Meta Tags
Meta Tags: Descriptors that appear at the beginning of the HTML code. They are not visible, but they are recognized by search engines and are incorporated as a part of their ranking algorithms.
3. Optimize Images
When you search something on google, pictures will come up as well as websites. Make sure that pictures of your website or its logo come up when someone searches for your site.
4. Reputation management
Definition: The strategy of proactively ensuring that your brand is protected on that all-important first page of Google.
For example: My boss and I start a surfboard company. When someone looks up my, or my boss’s name, our website will come up first on Google. Doing this helps protect our brand.