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How to select Standard vs Advanced Match in Yahoo Search (Panama)


One of the biggest changes to the new Yahoo Search Marketing platform, or Panama is the fact that ad rankings now depend on Bid amount and Ad Quality (Sound like Google?). But how does setting your keyword match type (Standard vs. Advanced) factor into the equation, is it better to use Standard Match or Advanced Match?

In the old system Standard Match got top billing no matter how high the Advanced Match keywords were being bid. Now it doesn’t matter how you set up your keywords, Match type is irrelevant, only Bid Amount and Ad Quality are relevant.

Does this mean you should log in and switch all of your ads over to Standard from Advanced or vice versa? It depends.

The same rules apply for Standard match it shows exact matches, their singular and plural variations and common misspellings, Advanced match displays your ad on broader range of searches.

So what does this mean for your keywords, first off, it is a much more competitive environment as there are more ads being mixed together and with increased competition there are often higher click charges, but at the same time you should receive more traffic.

What kind of results are others experiencing? I for one have seen a little more competition and slightly higher cost per clicks, but the ads we are running are all of good quality so are positions are higher as well. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues or if impression levels and cost per clicks start to level off.