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Instagram Marketing Tips and New Features

November 21, 2012
If your brand hasn’t already created an Instagram, you may want to consider starting it now. With mobile projected to be the next big marketing scene, you’re going to want to get in on this important trend and get your company’s voice heard early in the race to score big in mobile marketing. A while back, Instagram added hashtag functionality to their platform, greatly increasing the scope of posted photos and creating the ability for brands to better engage with their followers. Now, they’ve created both pages for each individual account available on browsers everywhere – and the badges that will make linking to these pages as easy as posting a Facebook like button on your website. Here are some ideas for marketing on Instagram:

  • Run a contest using a unique hashtag – then publicize the winning photo(s) on your website and social media
  • Integrate your Instagram with your Facebook so your Facebook fans have access to fun new content from your photo stream.
  • Follow your customers and engage with them regularly
  • Take behind-the-scenes photos of your business so customers can get an inside peek at what goes on

Do you have any favorite ways to market on Instagram?

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