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Instructional Videos Booming on the Net

June 5, 2007

How many of you search for “howto” or “do it yourself” or “instructional” videos? Many of us, including myself, search for these videos regularly. Whether we want to learn how to do magic card tricks, boil an egg, open a stuck drive on your pc or learn new hula hooping techniques, we can find a video – usually a plethora of videos – on the net.

So what sites are aiding us in our search for these videos? Here is a few sites to satisfy your “howto” craving:

  • YouTube – most popular and widely known video viewing and sharing site
  • Expert Village – how-to videos and articles from credentialed experts
  • AOL Video – offers how-to videos from AOL Coaches, Sunset Magazine Look & Cook, Digital Lifestyle and TotalVid
  • Video Library – videos on wide range of categories
  • VideoJug – how-to videos by experts and users
  • – recently launched, newest edition to the online video sharing world

So what sites are you using to find “instructional” and”howto” videos?