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Linkbuilding for SEO – Quality Over Quantity

June 22, 2009

A common misconception that can be a crutch to people running a search engine optimization campaign is that getting as many links as possible is the ultimate way to reach those high search results. Yes, having loads of backlinks will generally help improve organic rank, but the quality of those links is what will make the real difference. Several basic factors should be considered about a site when requesting a link from it:

  • Relevance to your site
  • Neighborhood it builds
  • Backlinks to that site

Relevance – What keywords are you targeting? Are those keywords on the page you are requesting a backlink from? These are the questions you should be asking in order to build a quality link. The more relevant the page is to your site, the more a link from it will be worth to you.

Neighborhood – What other sites is the page linking to? Ideally, other links on the page from which you are requesting a link would be to sites exactly like yours. This will help put you in the right neighborhood as far as Google is concerned. If a page links to sites that resemble your site, Google will consider these sites to be related to yours and that is a good thing. If a page links to your site and a bunch of porn and gambling sites, Google will consider your site to be related to porn and gambling, which can have a dire effect on your results.

Backlinks to the page – How powerful is a page that you are looking for a link from? A page that has no backlinks is not near as powerful as a page that has hundreds of backlinks. If a page that has hundreds of backlinks links to your site, the power of those hundreds of links is also shared with you.

These are just a few basic things that should be observed when building links. More will be shared in later posts. Keep reading!