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Live Sports on the Internet Revisited

April 8, 2008

Last year about this time, I blogged about how March Madness, The Masters, and MLB broadcast live over the internet. All three offer great options to catch the events while you are at the office (and hopefully on a lunch break) or when you are not near a tv set.’s March Madness on Demand just finished up with the championship game last week, but earlier they reported results based on the opening two rounds of the tournament. In total, there were 3,318,844 total unique visitors to the NCAA March Madness on Demand a 129% increase over 2007 figures. One of the biggest reasons for this increase was the player no longer required registration to view. Additionally, A new feature added to this years video player was a boss button, which opened up a fictional excel spreadsheet for those individuals that were watching the broadcast when they should not have been. That button was clicked an amazing 2,190,488 times in the first four days of action, and I would assume a big majority of those were on Thursday and Friday.
I for one, did not get to utilize this much this year, as I made my annual pilgrimage to Vegas for the opening weekend of the tournament, but I did log in on Sunday at McCarren and Hartsfield International to watch a little bit of the game before I took off and during my layover.
On the other hand, since I don’t make the trip up to Augusta, I will be watching Amen Corner, the 15th and 16th holes from my laptop on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully, the Masters has a boss button as well.