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Maximize Your LinkedIn Today Experience

June 9, 2011

Have you seen LinkedIn’s new feature? Launched in March 2010, LinkedIn Today is a news aggregation service that serves up content based your industry preferences and popularity of the article. There are plenty of sites that serve up popular content based on “sharing” (like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit to name a few) but offering this technology within LinkedIn is great for marketers.


The value to marketers comes into play when sharing original QUALITY published content. Yes, you can do a targeted LinkedIn PPC campaign but wouldn’t it better to have your blog post/article featured on the home page of LinkedIn Today? If you publish quality information and your peers share it because it’s valuable to their business then that’s great exposure for you and your business.


Take it one step further and add a LinkedIn share button to every page of content on your website, making it easy for people to share within the LinkedIn network. Get the LinkedIn Widget HERE

If you do decide to share an article, I’d recommend adding a personal comment. What did you learn? Why are you sharing the article? Positioning yourself in your network as someone who
has influence is a good thing. And, I must admit, easier in SOME industries than others. For instance, aren’t we ALL Internet marketing gurus these days? *wink*

The share feature has some neat bells and whistles, for instance, you can sort shares by company, industry or location. Making it easy to see what content is resonating with your network and your locale. A good topic to bring up at your next networking event, perhaps? I know a lot of my associates start their day with a quick review of LinkedIn Today headlines to get a better sense of industry buzz.

Have you tried LinkedIn Today? How do you use it?