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Melanie’s Monday Mashup – Google Breaking News


Last week it was Twitter… This week, it’s Google. For those of us who geek out on SEO, the search Goliath has stolen the limelight from Tiger, Twitter, TARP and tea parties, with these three big breaking announcements.

#1 Google Goggles – Just as I thought the Google app with voice search for my iPhone was the bomb, Google one-upped it with a new visual search application for Andriod devices. Need information about the business across the street? Or want information about the book the guy next to you at the airport is reading? Do you like the purse the girl at the next table is carrying?

No need to ask … Just snap a picture, and Google will send you the information.

#2 Google Real Time Search – Spending two hours a day commuting makes you appreciate devices like GPS, as well as the radio and cell phone – all of which can help you navigate through traffic more efficiently.

Those real-time updates, whether it’s the traffic on I-95 or reactions to the President’s State of the Union address, is something Google’s lacked. Now, however, you can find out what people are saying about your favorite sports team, traffic and anything else in real time. Google Real Time Search gives us the ability to see what is happening in our neighborhoods, and what people are talking about, as it’s happening.

Learn more about it by watching the Google Real Time Search Video.

#3 Google Personalized Search – While personalized search is nothing new, personalizing the results for you, me and all the other Googlers is…

Yes, that’s right. On Friday Google announced it’s personalizing everyone’s search results by tracking everything you’ve searched for over 180 days, and using it to customize your results. And according to Danny Sullivan at, this shift is “the biggest change that has ever happened in search engines.”

And while this will make determining ranking virtually impossible, it doesn’t mean death for SEO or Internet marketing. You’ll still need a solid strategy to get your site in the top results .

Read more and watch the video at Google, and then use your computer to click on your own site until it ranks #1!