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Microsoft Content Ads Coming Soon

August 21, 2007

Microsoft Adcenter is in the process of sending out emails to all of their US Adcenter Advertisers announcing on August 29th the release of Content Ads(Beta). Which means that your Ads will show on content pages. Hopefully, you were like me when you got this email and read it, not just glanced at. There is one important passage to consider “On August 29th, you don’t have to make any changes and your ad groups will automatically expand to hybrid distribution…” That means when you look at your results on August 30th prepare to see an increase in impressions served and probably a decrease in your click through rate.
The email does have a web form (form may not work in Firefox) to fill out to upgrade only in search. In addition there will be other upgrades to the Microsoft Adcenter including expanded distribution and pricing controls. For more information check out the upgrade guide or check back to this blog.