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Mobile Social Networks Will Be the Rage In 2009

January 5, 2009

As more people upgrade their mobile phones, such as to the iPhone, Blackberry, or Google Phone, I believe mobile social networks will be noticed more this year.

With Facebook and MySpace having their own mobile version of their sites, many newly created mobile sites are already hoping to be the next best thing. A site meant to use on the go is Brightkite, which allows users to post updates from wherever they are, as well as ‘Check In’ from a specific location. This may be interesting for those who want to meet the people nearby and see what they’re doing at a particular point in time. Privacy is very important to Brightkite and allows their users to control who sees what.

ZYB is another interesting mobile social network site that allows you to sync your contacts’ phone numbers and other information, as well as their social networking activity all in one place. You can also share calendars and photos and see what your friends are up to. You can set any data to be visible to the public or only show information to the friends in your ZYB contact list.

Right now, I’m sure many people are hesitant to join such websites due to privacy reasons, so make sure the mobile site you are thinking of joining really stress that. Otherwise, skip it.