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My First Thoughts on Facebook Timeline

September 23, 2011

Announced today, Facebook is completely overhauling its profiles with Facebook Timeline.

Facebook Timeline is defined as:

The story of your life

• All your stories
• All your apps
• Express who you are

The Facebook Timeline is being portrayed as a new way to express who you are. The cover photo affords you the opportunity to tell the story of who you are without even reading anything about you. You will now be able to visually learn someone’s story just by scrolling through their timeline. For example, a traveler’s timeline versus a chef’s timeline will now jump off the page at you – pictures from around the world and snapshots of delicious food dishes.

Do I personally want to invest the time into documenting my entire life on a social network? I’m not completely convinced right now. Although I do see this as an attempt for Facebook to try to emotionally connect with me, I’m not sure that I’m ready to catalog my life.

Did you miss the f8 conference? You can find the entire recording here:

Watch below for an introduction to the Facebook timeline: