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New Business 2.0 features the Domain Name Game

May 26, 2007

I just received the new issue of Business 2.0 . I love this magazine. It is always smart and the content is right on the leading edge.

Kevin Ham who owns a $300 Million dollar domain portfolio is featured in a smart piece written by Paul Sloan. Ten Golden Rules knows the domain game well, in fact we helped Monte Cahn and the gang at conceive the Domain Name Auction mentioned in the article. As well we promoted a major domain sale this link was coverage from

We have had a lot of questions from clients about domain names, here are a few links to learn more about the Domain biz.

The Domain industry even has a booming trade show, now with three locations:


DN Journal covers the top domain stories and has the leading report on the top domain name sales. Here are the top five so far this year: $1,500,000, $1,000,000, $520,000, $350,000, $300,000

Daily Domainer has a daily RSS feed

Some Top Domain Name Registrars:


And don’t miss who cover the domain biz.