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New Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Features the ten Hottest Strategies in Internet Marketing and Christopher s. Penn

August 1, 2008

Our new Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast features a discussion with Marketing Ninja Christopher S. Penn, the Podcamps co-founder and host of the Financial Aid Podcast.

We also reviewed submissions for a new presentation I will deliver at Affiliate Summit called ‘The Ten Hottest Strategies in Internet Marketing’. Here’s the list, we still have time for a few great suggestions, what do you think?

1. Micro Communications
2. Reviews and Ratings
3. Customer Service is the new Marketing Department
4. Personal Branding – Online job hunting
5. Great Content
6. Everybody is Famous to 15 People
7. Free Tools!
8. Payments
9. Direct to Consumer Public Relations
10. Widgets and Open Source or Globalization??

Please comment below, or send me an email jay (at ) ten golden rules dot com (email disguised from automated spam bots 🙂 )