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Optimizing Your eCommerce Product Pages

July 3, 2008

Search Engine Land featured a post this week about optimizing an eCommerce product detail page, using a great, easy to understand visual, pointing out elements you should optimize.

I found these tips really easy to understand, but there are some other tips that one should consider when optimizing a product detail page.

If possible, try to have URLs without any variables, parameters or session IDs, but with keywords that describe that particular product. Popular shopping cart software come search engine friendly or includes search engine friendly plugins, so there are ways to do this.

Make sure product pages have unique title tags, meta description and keyword tags, as well as unique product descriptions to avoid duplicate content penalties in the search engines. Unique product descriptions are important also if there are competitors selling the same products you are.

Make sure you also have a sitemap that includes all your product categories, and even brand names. That way, the search engines are aware of any new pages that are generated and can crawl and index them.

Another way to get your products exposure in the search engine is to sign up for Google Base, which is a way to submit the products you sell and will show up in Google Product Search as well as main Google search. It’s free, and you can add attributes describing your content so it will be searchable.