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Plurk: Another Microblogging Site

June 6, 2008

This week, I discovered a new microblogging site emerged, similar to Twitter called Plurk. Since I am a loyal Twitter user I was pretty hesitant to try the service out, but I did anyway. Plurk allows you to microblog like Twitter, but also gives you qualifiers.

ReadWriteWeb explains each part of a “Plurk” entry in the image below.

Each Plurk entry is recorded on a timeline and as you add friends to the timeline you will see their Plurks as well. For each Plurk, you can respond to it directly. I personally find the site to be pretty addicting and because of it I admit that I’ve been neglecting Twitter. With the downtime that Twitter has gotten lately, I wonder if Plurk will be like the next addiction as Twitter has been, or is just something to use until Twitter becomes stable.