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Episode 15 The Ten Golden Rules of Networking with author Andrea Nirenberg, Search Show Wars Webmaster World’s Pubcon vs Search Engine Strategies, TubeMogul , Live from The Interactive Marketing Association, Song-of-the-Week DJ Zebra, Mash-up Break Through Love. Please call in questions and comments to our K7 line 206-888-6606.

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Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast Call-Ins

Amazing People You’ll Hear on This Show!


Guest Andrea Nirenberg

Jay Berkowitz and Andrea Nirenberg’s Ten Golden Rules of Networking!

  1. Giving First ‘Give without remembering receive without forgetting’
  2. Listen
  3. Follow-up
  4. Database
  5. Create Advocates for referrals and contacts
  6. Stay on people’s radar creatively
  7. Nurture relationships
  8. Pace yourself
  9. If you’re on time you’re late
  10. Networking is life 24/7 awareness

Andrea Nierenberg’s 28 Things to Learn about People

  1. Name
  2. Company
  3. Phones-company, home and cell
  4. Address
  5. Birthday
  6. Hobbies/Interests
  7. Favorite foods/restaurants
  8. Vacation interests
  9. Spouse name
  10. Kids
  11. Pets
  12. Preferred method of communication
  13. College or grad school
  14. Special holidays
  15. Job promotions/moves
  16. Who you refer to them
  17. Who they refer you to
  18. How you met
  20. Dislikes
  21. Prior Job
  22. Anniversary of doing business together
  23. Professional Organizations
  24. Assistant’s name
  25. Know what ‘motivates’ them
  26. Ask for their advice and information given
  27. How you have handled any problems that have arisen with their account
  28. What they said when you ask them: “Why do you work with me?”

Song of The Week

DJ Zebra Mash Up “Break Through Love”

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