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Episode 26 Robin Cowie from and viral internet breakout the Blair Witch ProjectBest selling author, columnist Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry with the joke of the week, Calls from Affiliate Summit’s Shawn Collins, Prosperous Artists’ Rosh Sillars, Nicole Governile from Proactive TrainingGoTo Meeting fan Robert Baron, the three main parts to any website Product – Traffic – Conversion, best practices for opt in vs. opt out, what is podfade, new search engine Cuil, automatic content generation – NOT, Mobile Digg, Marketing the new Seventh Moon Movie, Consuming Video, Reemco.comOSI Rock Stars Janelle Elms recorded in Chicago before eBay Live 2008, Sourcing hot items to sell online, Daily Candy, Trend Spotting, Forrester Research, and Song-of the-week Hunting for Witches by Bloc Party. Call us with questions or comments digital recording line open 24 hours 206-888-6606.

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