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Episode 49 – Live Call with Speakers for the SFIMA Summit May 14th in Ft. Lauderdale Meet internet marketing Rock Stars including Google’s Albert Chen, Mitch Joel, Author Six Pixel of Separation, Craig Agranoff, Founder of WorstPizza, Shawn Rorick, Author / Past Director of Marketing – Cirque du Soleil, Murray Izenwasser, Mike Monahan Cruises One, Alex Harris from and and Chris Thornton from Definition 6 in Atlanta. Call in line 206-888-6606


Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Episode 49 – Live Call with Speakers for the SFIMA Summit May 14th in Ft. Lauderdale.

Talk Social Media and Search Marketing with Online Rock Stars including:

  1. Google’s Albert Chen talks about what’s new at Google
  2. Mitch Joel, Author and Podcaster of Six Pixels of Separation
  3. Craig Agranoff, @Lapp Founder of WorstPizza
  4. Shawn Rorick, Author and Past Director of Marketing – Cirque du Soleil
  5. Murray Izenwasser ex Sapient Director
  6. Mike Monahan Cruises One Inc
  7. Alex Harris from and (link )
  8. Chris Thornton from Definition 6 in Atlanta

Please call in with questions and comments at 206-888-6606