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iPhone call in, Interview with Author and Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer of Quit Your Day Job, What’s Hot Web 2.0 Ten Critical Strategies, Acceleration Anxiety, Google Quality Score, Squidoo, Interview  with Jim Crimmins , Michael Lang , Rob Glazer Acceleration partners and ands Evelyn Grazini from, Song of the week – butta verses “Jones in My Bones”

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Live call in from an iPhone Chris Fauteux. Interview with Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer from Quit Your Day Job and author of High Performance Affiliate Marketing  – Learn how Jeremy quit his day job and made over $1 Million last year, What’s Hot from Ten Golden Rules CEO Jay Berkowitz’s Affiliate Summit presentation Web 2.0 – Discover the Ten Critical Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.

My Key Learning from Affiliate Summit

  1. ‘Acceleration Anxiety’ Ze Frank ( )
  2. Search vs. Search
  3. Google Quality Score ( )
  4. has 800K skews

South Beach fun with Tom Arnold, Kerri Pollard, Kevin Joyce from Commission Junction.

Question from April Kandel, Florida State University

  1. What areas have the biggest growth potential and what types of jobs will be in high demand?
  2. The future is interactive. The present is search.
  3. Start a blog or a web site and add some affiliate or Google AdSense links.. You need a killer MySpace or Facebook page. What is Your Google Quotient? Can I find you if I Google you?
  4. Sarah Meyers note I received on Twitter: My video on Gizmodo has over 12,000 views in the past hour! Digg it please! 04:01 PM June 29, 2007 from web

Audio from Affiliate Summit – Jim Crimmins, Michael Lang, , Rob Glazer Acceleration partners and ands Evelyn Grazini from

What’s Hot – Web 2.0 – Discover the Ten Critical Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.
User Generated Content

  1. iPhone / Mobile Web
  2. Open Architecture – Widgets
  3. Long Tail eCommerce Chris Anderson
  4. Podcasting and Blogging , CC Chapman, Byan Person, Shel and Neville
  5. Sites built for Search Success Google universal Search, Squidoo
  6. List, List, List , ,
  7. Free Google Tools Optimizer, Analytics,
  8. User Defined News
  9. Web 3.0 Second

Ten Golden Rules ‘Live From the Blog’, DJ , Margie Nielsen/NetRatings, Kathryn Ten Tips for getting your blog listed in the search engines, Jeff PALM Graft

Interview with Super Affiliate Jeremy Palmer from Author of High Performance Affiliate Marketing

  1. Start a web site or a blog , ,
  2. Join an affiliate network and add offers and links,, Linkshare, , Leads and CPA programs such as
  3. Send Traffic to the site – start with pay per click Google AdWords ( ), Yahoo Search Marketing ( ) , MSN Ad Center ( )
  4. Analyze What traffic is converting and making money
  5. Advanced tips – build a relationship to get inside information and exclusive offers, hot categories include software, catalogs and web only offers.

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TGR Top Ten Song of the Week butta verses “Jones in My Bones”

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