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Precision Results with Google Squared

June 8, 2009

Google has launched an experimental new search tool designed to present data in a meaningful way. Known as “Google Squared“, this search function collects data into a spreadsheet format, allowing searchers to get exactly the information they are looking for on a single screen.

The usefulness of this tool comes about when someone is looking for several bits of information around a specific topic or item. Let’s say for example we want to compare three different car models based on price, seating capacity, and features. Rather than researching several websites to find all of the pertinent information, we can “Square It” and create a spreadsheet that lists the three car models in the first column (each having its own row), the prices of each in another column, the seating capacity in a third column, and the features in a fourth column. This data will be collected from Google using multiple sources.

Having all of this information on a single screen should greatly reduce the time it takes us to compare different items. Give it a try.