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Protecting Your Online Brand (Part 2)

July 5, 2007

A couple weeks back I blogged about my experience on the site after my palm treo purchase. As you may recall, the Captcha showed an inappropriate word, and I wanted to make sure that brands are aware of their image, whether it deals with issues under their control or in dealing with vendors/partners/other third parties.
As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I thought Palm should be aware of my blog post so I did a little research online and in about 10 minutes I found the email address of the VP of Marketing, Brodie Keast. I sent him an email with a quick introduction and a link to the blog post. Within 2 hrs I received a call from their VP of Corporate Communications (I unfortunately did not catch the gentleman’s name). He let me know that Brodie had forwarded the email to him and he wanted to find out what had happened, that he appreciated the screenshot of proof, and that Palm was dealing with this issue promptly with their supplier and assured me that they were taking action that this would not happen again.
He and I had a great conversation, he had said that he had never heard of this happening and it was never thought of in setting up the Captcha. He had heard of many unique things happening online, but this was one of the more random unique events. He appreciated me bringing this to their attention so that they could address the issue. He then asked if I needed anything else, I joked said a new phone would be fine. He laughed and said he would see what he could do.
A couple days ago, I received a package from Palm, in it contained a tshirt, a water bottle, a sackpack and a rubber ball. I was pleasantly surprised to see this package and it is good to know that some companies still care about the customer experience.