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Quick Tip: Granting Access to Your Google Webmaster Tools Account


Google Webmaster Tools is an essential resource for all websites. It’s probably the closest you will get to a direct connection to speak to Google. It allows you to gain insights on how Google views your website, diagnose website problems, discover your link and query traffic and share information about your website (i.e. pages, URLs etc.) with Google. You can almost think of it as important as a hammer in a toolbox.

In addition to having the ability to grant “full” permissions to users, you now have the ability to grant “restricted” access to your account as well. Although this didn’t just launch, it seemed worth resurrecting for those of you who may have missed the update. Now you can grant this level of access to those who work with you on your account, keeping you in control.

For more information on how to access these settings, check out this post about safely sharing your Webmaster Tools account.

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Image credit: RLHyde