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Remember The 4 P’s


Hi guys it’s Matt the Intern! I recently learned about the 4 P’s of Internet Marketing. The 4 P’s include Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. These four P’s comes from old-fashion marketing, and they set a backbone for your website, as well as a great structure build on.


Screen2015If you work on a website, it is important to view yourself as a product manager; you are the one who should manage the products on your website. For example, Google calls their different divisions ‘products’, so things such as Search, Google+ and Google Drive are products.
View the different areas or divisions of your website as if you are a product manager. My awesome boss, Jay Berkowitz (coolest guy I know) was once a product manager for Coca-Cola. One of the tasks he had was to develop the new plastic Sprite bottles that were curvy and had dimples like the classic glass bottles. It is also very important to take a survey of your customers; what are they looking for? What else could you provide them? What are the things that they would love to get from a company like yours? These are some typical questions that a product manager should ask, and should act on the answers given by the customer.


Price online. Typically, price online is going to be less than the offline counterparts. Your price is going to be less online than offline, and you’ve got to make sure you’re competitive with the other online companies. It’s almost become a standard now that you get free shipping and free returns, which is something that Amazon, in particular, has created as a differentiator, but now it’s almost become a standard practice.


The really important ways to think about “place” in the online model is two things. One is a Google Maps result. You must check that your business is accurately listed on Google Maps and comes up when people search it, or even the town that it is in. Two is when the location of your business comes up when the name of your website is searched in Google. “Location, location, location,” this is an old saying stating how important a retail company’s location is; today it is just as important for a company to show up on a search engine. How high up does your website come up in the left, free side, and how are you performing in the pay-per-click results when people search your website.


You can promote your products or services online through banner ads, keywords and phrases, and retargeting ads. For other ways to promote and optimize your products and services, check out this blog about how to drive more traffic to your website. How To Get Free SEO Traffic To Your Website and How To Get Free SEO Traffic To Your Website (Part 2).