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SEMPO’s 2006 State of the Market Survey

January 17, 2007

It’s that time of year folks! Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) is conducting it’s 3rd annual State of the Market Survey. Devoted completely to Paid and Natural Search Engine Marketing, this survey asks SEM professionals about their experiences in search engine marketing for 2006.

Why should you take this search engine marketing survey?

First, SEMPO is a great organization, which devotes a lot of time and research to develop resources for search engine marketing professionals. This year’s survey will influence where this organization puts their research efforts. Secondly, as a participant, you’ll get the first copy of the survey results sent to you before it’s released to SEMPO members. Lastly, SEMPO is offering to send one marketer to Search Engine Strategies (SES) for free!

Just make sure you give yourself a good half hour to answer the search engine marketing survey because there’s a lot of questions for you to answer. Hint: One of the hot topics on this year’s survey is whether or not an organization like SEMPO should be enforcing best practices to SEM professionals. If you have an opinion about that, make sure you fill out the survey.