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Team Building With Ten Golden Rules

April 6, 2011

Last month the Ten Golden Rules team got a special treat. Of course, our team gets a special treat twice a month when we get an amazing 15 minute chair massage but this was a special night out. We got tickets to the Florida Panther’s game! A few team members wore their NHL Panther sweaters….that’s right, sweaters. According to our resident Canadian, die-hard hockey afficionado and fearless leader, a hockey sweater is the original name for a jersey. Why? Jerseys were originally made of wool. We even had some cool shamrock necklaces to celebrate St Patty’s Day.

We had great seats, awesome food and got to spend some time together cheering on the Panthers who had a great game against the Toronto Maple Leafs winning 4-0. There were even a few fights to keep the crowd entertained. Looking forward to next season!