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Ten Reasons Why Every Company Should Have A Blog…

August 24, 2007

1) Potential SEO Opportunity
Each blog written can potentially target specific terms that people are searching for.

2) Keeps Website Fresh With Content
Search engines rank websites that contain new content higher than stale ones. Blogging is an easy way for business to continue to add that content and keep the search engines coming back for more.

3) Blogs Can Become Link Bait
A good blog article is an industry-specific insight or a thoughtful critique. People will ink to blogs and the more links, the better the results within the search engines and more traffic you will get to your site.

4) Gain Visibility As An Expert In Your Industry
When a CEO or executives in the company blog they are demonstrating insight, leadership and thoughts on where your industry will be heading.

5) Show Off Your Employees
Blogs offer an opportunity to show your company’s people, culture, and detail what you are experts in.

6) Engage Reader Interaction
Companies are able to offer readers the option to comment on your company and the articles that are written. People are able to ask questions or start conversations about topics important to them. This gives the business an opportunity to answer those questions and keep customers satisfied.

7) Free and Easy
Google makes having a blog very easy and best of all it’s free. All you need is a gmail account so you can log in and begin to blog.

8 Breaking News
When your company has news that they want to put out, there is no faster place than your blog. All your readers will be kept up to the minute on what your business is doing.

9) RSS Feeds
Though RSS, businesses are able to expand their web presence and attract more people. This assists with link building and getting your URL around the web on other sites.

10) Run Promotions
Blogs are another way for companies to offer promotions to customers. Sometimes this can act as an exclusive for people on the web, promoting your site and products even more. People will go into other blogs and post what you are offering luring traffic back to your site.