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The best strategy to learn Internet Marketing “Just Do It” !


I am often asked by people who have a traditional marketing background how they can get into the new marketing.

My best advise is to: “Just Do It!”

As Nike says in their marketing, you must jump in and immerse yourself in the new tools and technologies, it is free and so easy a 10 year old can do it.

Get set up with your own WordPress blog right away so you can practice the different internet marketing skill sets. It only takes about 15 minutes! Pick a subject that you are passionate about and start developing blog posts. Learn how to link, set up Google Analytics and track how many people visit your blog and where they come from. Set up and track your own revenue generating programs such as affiliate banners and Google AdSense Ads – Yes you can make money from a simple blog!

Get involved with one or more of the popular social media sites. Pick one that people you know are always talking about among Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and Twitter. I love Twitter, if you’d like some basic tips on how to start a Twitter account and learn about this exciting new communications world read my Ten Tips Twitter Beginners Guide.

Good Luck Just Doing It – Please let me know how it turns out.