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Tips for Google+ Brand Pages

November 10, 2011

Now that Google+ Brand Pages are FINALLY available, are you looking for tips to optimize your Brand Page’s presence? It is critical to establish your Brand Page now before your competitors do. Begin growing and nurturing your community from the start. Despite the talk of whether or not Google+ is dead, brands are jumping on the opportunity to create their Google+ Page, are you?

Below are 4 helpful articles to get you started with your Google+ Brand Page:

How to Optimize Your Google+ Business Page [Free Ebook!]

Google+ Pages: 4 Tips To Create A Community Page

10 Tips and Tricks for Better Google+ Brand Pages

It’s also recommended that you implement the new Google+ Badge on your website. This is a requirement for inclusion in Google Direct Connect.

Google+ Badges Make it Simple for Users to Connect With Brands

I wouldn’t discount the importance and influence Google+ Brand Pages will have with search. Although this is yet to be fully explained, it doesn’t take much time to set these Pages up, so it’s worth the test.

What has your experience been like with Google+ Brand Pages so far?