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To Blog on Your Site or Off?

May 17, 2007

Yesterday I had the pleasure to speak with Kevin O’Keefe, the President of LexBlog, a company that helps Lawyers build blogs. Although his company specializes in Blawgs, many of his tools and ideas can be used for any person or company that has a blog or is looking to use blogs as a marketing tool. His blog is very insightful on numerous topics and suggest you check it out.

Kevin and I spoke at length about the value of blogs and where a blog belongs whether it belongs within your website or hosted on anyone of the numerous blog hosting sites out there. We both agree that the blog is most effective when it is not hidden on your site. Kevin also directed me to this blog post, although it is catered to lawyers, it again can be used as a point of reference for any inspiring blogger.

I look forward to reading Kevin’s blog and hopefully working with him in the future.