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Top 50 Celebrities on Twitter


The latest Rolling Stone magazine had a list of some musicians on the popular micro blogging site Twitter. So it got me to thinking who else is active? Here are 50 celebrities on Twitter, I tried to sort out the real celebs from the fakes.

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To get started with Twitter, have a look at my Twitter feed to see some of the people I’m following.

Please add any other celebs you follow to the list in the comments and we’ll update it in the future!

1. Barack Obama
2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
3. Al Gore
4. Joe Biden

5. Richard Branson
6. Deepak Chopra

7. Brittney Spears
8. Demi Moore
9. Ashton Kutcher
10. Ryan Seacrest
11. Perez Hilton
12. George Lucas
13. John Cleese
14. Jimmy Fallon
15. Jimmy Kimmel
16. Penn Jillette
17. Mischa Barton
18. Dane Cook
19. William Shatner
20. Kevin Smith
21. Stephen Fry

22. Diddy
23. John Mayer
24. Dave Matthews
25. MC Hammer
26. Timbaland
27. Chris Cornell
28. Snoop Dogg
29. Yoko Ono
30. Taylor Swift
31. Lady Gaga
32. Katy Perry
33. Lily Allen

34. Rick Sanchez
35. Anderson Cooper
36. Stephen Colbert

37. Shaquille O’Neal
38. Steve Nash
39. Michael Phelps
40. Shaun White
41. Eli Manning
42. Lance Armstrong
43. Andy Murray
44. Jerry Rice
45. Natalie Gulbis
46. Alexander Ovechkin
47. National Hockey League
48. Dwight Howard
49. Chris Bosh
50. Jason Richardson