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Traveling With Google?

April 22, 2010

It’s difficult to keep track of all the projects Google has been involved with the past several years. Henry Harteveldt, an analyst at Forrester Research Inc., was quoted saying, “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information…” What is Google rumored to potentially become involved in now? Travel.

From health records to email, one service Google currently doesn’t compete in is travel. If they carry through with this potentially billion dollar deal, Google will have the opportunity to take on Bing Travel head to head. I personally have booked my share of flights/hotels for business, and for the most part it tends to be a frustrating situation. I never really found a travel solution that was stress free and efficient. Now to be fair, I haven’t had much experience with Bing Travel, but I am interested to see how Google will approach travel, if they do.

Although argued by some, Google puts a strong focus on simplicity with their products. Are you interested in seeing Google’s take on travel too?

image credit: brettlider