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Trednspotting – 100 Things to Watch for in 2011 in 2011

January 6, 2011

The Trendspotting team at JWT has just released a great slideshare presentation called: 100 Things to Watch in 2011

Here are my digital-related highlights from the presentation:

F-Commerce – Facebook Commerce. Brands such as Victoria’s Secret, 1-800 Flowers and Delta allow you to buy/book on Facebook (we’ve been calling this ‘S-Commerce’ or Social Media Commerce for months)

Group Pricing – with reportedly turning down a $6 Billion offer from Google we knew group pricing was hot. JWT suggests we check out Uniqlo’s Lucky Counter pricing.

Community Meet-ups from Mashable, Huff Post and Tech Crunch.

Transmedia – story lines crossing into multiple platforms

Micro-Businesses – turn a skill into a bit of revenue Airbnb, Zilok and Neighborhood goods.

Smartphone Cameras – up to 12 megapixels (I can’t wait for my Verizon iPhone 5!)

QR Codes – scanning barcodes with software installed on a smart phone link directly to websites

Personal Taste Graphs from Hunch or Gravity look at what your friends like on Facebook or Twitter and make recommendations

mHealth – mobile apps to monitor wellness and medical histories.

Amazon is looking for ‘Kindle Singles’. Content longer than a magazine article and shorter than a book. Also look for eBook loans and library eBook access.

3D printing will allow you instantly produce items such as mugs and items out of resin and silver. (The world’s first gold dispenser is located in the Mall across the street from our offices).

Brazil is an e-Leader with 23% of Brazilians on Twitter and 86% mobile penetration Captcha ads – the crazy text you enter online to prove you are a real person now has images and ads

Digital indoor maps – cool I’ll be able to find my way out of the mall.