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TSA Hassles a Woman over Sippy Cup.

June 18, 2007

With the constant change in our nations air travel guidelines and restrictions, I am sure many of us have been to the highly informative site, My parents flew in for a visit this weekend and they wanted to be clear on what they could and could not bring as a carryon. While on the site, I came across their Mythbuster page. According to the site, a woman was hassled at security over a sippy cup. This happens quite frequently at airports nationwide, maybe not over sippy cups specifically, but over what can and can not be brought on a plane.
The woman made a little bit of a fuss last week in the news and in an attempt to fight back the TSA posted the video of the incident on their site, but also went the extra step to post the video on Youtube and allowing comments.
I find this very cutting edge on the part of the TSA and applaud them for this proactive approach, it is important to remember that Big Brother is watching and that is only a matter of time before the entire world will be able to keep tabs as well.