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Using CoTweet For Engaging With Users & Tweet Scheduling


I found a really cool Twitter tool this week called CoTweet, which is useful for businesses who want to use Twitter in a customer service way. CoTweet is a free service that helps companies reach Twitter users and engage customers. Many companies already use CoTweet such as Starbucks, JetBlue, Dell and Coca Cola. Using CoTweet, you can also schedule tweets in advance, which could be useful for upcoming events, or promotions.

I think CoTweet is great for helping customers or potential customers through Twitter. CoTweet sorts all the tweets that reply to you and put it in one place so you can easily go through them. There is even a feature that allows more than one person to access a Twitter account so replies are answered in a more timely manner. I find companies like JetBlue and Southwest to be great examples since flights can change due to weather, or answering customer’s general inquiries.

It’s currently in Beta, so the tool has growth potential. Also, since it’s free, it definitely doesn’t hurt to try it out.