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Using The Right Avatar to Promote Your Personal Brand

April 20, 2009

When it comes to a having a social media profile, you can’t avoid uploading an avatar. An avatar is a photo that represents you. Majority of the time, the size of an avatar ranges from 125×125 or 80×80, but usually it’s in the form of a square. Most people don’t realize that it’s important to use an avatar, but it is very important.

It is best to use an avatar of your face. Also, if you really want to stand out, you can add something that also represents you, perhaps a color that represents you or your brand. If you want to succeed in social media as an individual, it’s better to use your own picture in an avatar, rather than a company logo. A company logo as an avatar is best to represent the company, not so much a person who works in the company.

Not familiar with Photoshop but you have a photo you’d want to use as your avatar? There is a useful website that helps you create an avatar for the website you want to use it on. allows you to upload a photo and crop it to your liking, while keeping the correct dimensions for the social media website of your choice. Popular networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and more.