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Using Your Smartphone In Lieu of A Hotel-Room Key

May 26, 2010

With applications for a variety of functions such as Ocarina [turns your iPhone into a musical instrument], Zagat to Go [iPhone app for upscale dining establishments reviews] and Ecorio [an Android app that estimates your carbon output throughout the day] the latest we can add to the list is a hotel room key application by Open Ways. How exactly would this app work you may ask? Testing will begin at two Holiday Inns which will provide guests with the ability to unlock their hotel room doors via their smartphones rather than having to check in at a front desk. A sensor on the hotel door will unlock it upon placing a received confirmation email up to it.

Considering all of the various types of applications available for our iPhones,
Androids and Blackberrys, this application will most likely not come as a surprise to you — there is even an iPhone app to drive your car. Although the app is receiving mixed reviews, I still feel it will be extremely popular for a segment of people; although, that is if hotels are willing to invest in the technology.

Personally, I would love this application to avoid the lines at a front desk. I do understand that some would miss the human interaction or perhaps feel apprehensive of the technology. Would this application appeal to you?

image credit: blmurch