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Warning – Google PPA Not Compatible with Adwords Editor


If you were recently invited to the Google PPA beta test and are using Adwords Editor to manage your campaign(s), don’t immediately sign up for what should be a great opportunity. Once you start up a PPA campaign you can no longer use the Editor tool Get Recent Changes, an Adwords Editor Error pops up “Either the account you are trying to access does not exist, or you do not have permission to modify this account.”

You need to decide if you would rather manage your existing Adwords account with Editor or start a Beta PPA action test. For the rest of my clients its not really an option, I would rather use the Editor to efficiently manage my PPC campaigns in Editor then managing my keywords and Text Ads in Adwords running a PPA campaign that has no information on chargebacks and other faults (but that is for another post).

Hopefully this is just a small glitch and it will be resolved with an Adwords Editor Update or code change. I have called and emailed my Adwords rep to get this issue resolved as well as bring it to their attention, as I have not seen or heard much about this issue. I will keep everyone posted as I hear back from Google and get the issue resolved, if anyone knows an immediate fix, email me at jeff at tengoldenrules com