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Wednesday Webinar: 5 Ways to Brand Through Instagram Video


Wednesday Webinar: 5 Ways to Brand Through Instagram Video

Although still somewhat new, Instagram Video has already become a useful tool for businesses networking and fan growth. But if you’re struggling to develop real, shareable content, then your IG Video campaign is probably going nowhere. Join Matt Wooddy, IMC host and Instagram expert for an in-depth lesson on better branding through Instagram video. In this webinar, you’ll learn to:

– drive product interest through strategic video posting
– encourage others to share your message
– take better videos with your smartphone
– upload customized videos for improved aesthetics

About Matt Wooddy:

For the last six years, Matt Wooddy has used his social wizardry to rebrand, reformulate and reinvent the online presence of over 200 businesses. Understanding that social media is more than just a place to promote your business, he uses personal interaction and entertaining content to engage visitors and followers. Matt realizes that it’s not so much the product that drives a good social campaign, but it’s the ability to communicate with your
fans and followers in a personal way that makes a difference. As a freelance photographer, visual artist and musician in his free time, Matt has developed these personal skills that connect humans with each other.