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What are the Best Sales Prospects?


Hey everyone, Matt the Intern here. Today I learned who the best sales prospects are and am going to share this with you.

First off, what is a sales prospect?

A sales prospect is a potential customer for a company that has gone through some qualification to show that they are interested in what the company has to offer.

A sales prospect represents a solid opportunity for a sale.

The Best Sales Prospects:

  • Someone who is actively looking for your products or services. They ask one of his/her clients about who they use, and the client recommends you. Because the sales prospect was recommended by a friend or business associate that they trust, he/she is more inclined to come to you vs your competitors.
  • Someone who is not actively looking but they hear about your company. An example is somebody who sees our CEO, Jay Berkowitz speak in an event hosted by the American Marketing Association. They see that Jay knows about digital marketing, but he still wasn’t endorsed by a friend, and they aren’t necessarily in the market for a digital agency.
  • Cold calling – A client has never heard of your company, you just cold call them up out of the blue. There is no form of endorsement, they do not trust you, are most likely not interested in what you have to offer. These are very low quality prospects with a very low percentage of conversion to paying customers.