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Your TV is DEAD

August 18, 2008

Is TV dead? Is everything going to be online now? According to an article from the Christian Science Monitor, “the growing number of new deals and new devices being announced suggests that a profound change in the way people watch video- and what video they watch – is under way.”
People are watching video’s when they want and where they want. People can view their mobile phones, desktop, HDTV’s and iPods.

Netflix – will deliver content online. By purchasing a $100 box from Roku you can view 10,000 movie’s through TV.
Sony – will begin offering movies to download from the Playstation.
Apple –sells movies through iTunes and is re-launching Apple TV Player. – offering Amazon Video on Demand offering access to 40,000 movies and TV shows, only available on a computer.
TiVo – will be supplying video from YouTube
Hulu – was launched in March and offers streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC and FOX as well as others.
TV manufactures are going to be manufacturing TV sets that will be connected to the Internet allowing web content to be viewed.